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* .build.yml: Drop extra compilation flags and build with -WerrorRobert Tari2022-01-271-3/+2
* .build.yml: Remove source code of locally built dependency after it has been ...Mike Gabriel2021-10-251-0/+2
* .build.yml: If we ever start having unit tests, run those unit tests in build...Mike Gabriel2021-10-251-8/+4
* .build.yml: Drop autogen.sh support.Mike Gabriel2021-10-251-14/+2
* .build.yml: Provide extra dependency set for ubuntu:focal (no liblomiri-url-d...Mike Gabriel2021-08-281-0/+18
* .build.yml: Fix for previous commit (libayata-common build requirements).Mike Gabriel2021-08-281-4/+4
* .build.yml: Add new build requirements for libayatana-common to dependency bl...Mike Gabriel2021-08-281-0/+14
* Travis CI: Disable unit test runs (none present).Mike Gabriel2021-05-041-11/+11
* Travis-CI: Initial draft for CI builds.Mike Gabriel2021-05-041-0/+119