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* .build.yml: Remove source code of locally built dependency after it has been ...Mike Gabriel2021-10-261-0/+2
* .build.yml: Run unit tests in build_scripts: target.Mike Gabriel2021-10-261-15/+11
* .build.yml: Drop autotools dependencies.Mike Gabriel2021-10-261-5/+2
* .build.yml: Remove systemd dependency.Robert Tari2021-06-161-2/+0
* Travis CI: Also test GTK+-3.0 builds with IDO support disabled.Mike Gabriel2021-05-171-0/+26
* Travis CI: Drop autotools support, build and test GTK+-2.0 and GTK+-3.0 flavo...Mike Gabriel2021-05-121-14/+33
* Travis CI: Also support CMake based CI builds.Mike Gabriel2021-05-111-7/+7
* Travis CI: Also support CMake based CI builds.Mike Gabriel2021-05-061-5/+21
* .build.yml: Build ayatana-ido from upstream Git rather than using the possibl...Mike Gabriel2021-05-041-8/+35
* .build.yml: Drop distcheck target. Not required.Mike Gabriel2021-04-211-1/+0
* .build.yml: Enable unit tests during configure.Mike Gabriel2021-04-211-1/+1
* .build.yml: Output test-suite.log at the end of unit testings.Mike Gabriel2021-04-211-0/+1
* .build.yml: No tests are run on Archlinux, neither are they run on Ubuntu.Mike Gabriel2021-04-211-7/+1
* .build.yml: Unit tests require xvfb (and xauth).Mike Gabriel2021-04-211-0/+5
* TRAVIS: Initial attempt to get TRAVIS CI working for this project.Mike Gabriel2021-04-201-0/+103