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-The indicator service file format
-Modern desktop panels find out about indicator by looking at indicator
-service files in `/usr/share/ayatana/indicators`. These files have to have
-the same name as the well-known D-Bus name that the corresponding service
-An indicator file is a normal key file (like desktop files). It must have
-an `[Indicator Service]` section, that must contain the service's name (`Name`)
-and the object path at which its action group is found (`ObjectPath`). For
- [Indicator Service]
- Name=indicator-example
- ObjectPath=/org/ayatana/indicator/example
-It should also contain a hint to where the indicator should appear in the panel:
- Position=70
-The smaller the position, the further to the right (or left when RTL is
-enabled) the indicator appears.
-An indicator can only export one action group, but a menu for each profile
-("desktop", "greeter", "phone") supports. There must be a section for each
-of those profiles, containing the object path on which the menu is
- [desktop]
- ObjectPath=/org/ayatana/indicator/example/desktop
- [greeter]
- ObjectPath=/org/ayatana/indicator/example/desktop
- [phone]
- ObjectPath=/org/ayatana/indicator/example/phone
-Object paths can be reused for different profiles (the greeter uses the
-same menu as the desktop in the above example).
-There are no fallbacks. If a profile is not mentioned in the service file,
-the indicator will not show up for that profile.