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* release Gabriel2017-06-262-3/+41
* debian/control: Add D (libarctica-core-perl): libarctica-core-bugout-perl.Mike Gabriel2017-06-231-0/+1
* Provide arctica-getdir. Formerly known as get_adir.Mike Gabriel2017-06-233-0/+6
* Add new type 'short_id' to getARandom().GZNGET FOSS Team2017-06-211-0/+20
* debian/control: Bump Standards: to 3.9.8. No changes needed.Mike Gabriel2016-09-061-1/+1
* whitespace clean-up: Script-based whitespace clean-up.Mike Gabriel2016-09-065-33/+33
* debian/control: Add LONG_DESCRIPTION.Mike Gabriel2016-09-061-1/+7
* Add license files (AGPL-3+, strictly GPL-2).Mike Gabriel2016-09-062-0/+1000
* Typos: Amend some typo fixes.Mike Gabriel2016-09-062-5/+5
* Initial Arctica Core CommitGZNGET FOSS Team2016-09-0614-0/+1581