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* release Gabriel2022-02-171-0/+7
* release Gabriel2021-11-181-0/+7
* debian/{control,compat}: Bump to level 10.Mike Gabriel2021-08-292-2/+2
* debian/rules: Enable unit tests (if there were any).Mike Gabriel2021-08-291-0/+8
* release 0.8.900.8.90Mike Gabriel2021-01-281-0/+7
* debian/control: Fix B-D field, empty lines not allowed there.Mike Gabriel2020-11-121-1/+0
* Remove all references to url-dispatcherRobert Tari2020-11-121-1/+0
* Rewrite to indicator-ng, simplify, drop all GTK references, move to CMakeRobert Tari2020-11-102-32/+24
* release Gabriel2020-09-101-1/+8
* release Gabriel2020-08-211-0/+7
* release Gabriel2020-08-171-0/+7
* debian/*: Install indicator's systemd user service file into DEB package.Mike Gabriel2020-08-103-1/+6
* release Gabriel2019-11-271-0/+7
* release Gabriel2018-03-181-2/+2
* debian/rules: Use NEWS file as upstream ChangeLog.Mike Gabriel2018-03-181-0/+3
* debian/copyright: Fix Source: field's URL.Mike Gabriel2018-03-181-1/+1
* debian/copyright: Use secure URI for copyright format reference.Mike Gabriel2018-03-181-1/+1
* debian/control: Bump Standards-Version: to 4.1.3. No changes needed.Mike Gabriel2018-03-181-1/+1
* debian/rules: Make sure config.guess and config.sub are removed during clean,...Mike Gabriel2018-03-181-0/+2
* debian/rules: Keep .pot file in po/ after dh_auto_clean. Work around for flaw...Mike Gabriel2018-03-181-0/+9
* debian/postinst: Remove. The libglib2.0-bin package has a trigger for that fo...Mike Gabriel2017-12-051-40/+0
* debian/control: Correct the point about the configuration dialog, the dialog ...Mike Gabriel2017-12-051-3/+2
* debian/control: Fix D (glib2.0-bin -> libglib2.0-bin).Mike Gabriel2017-12-021-1/+1
* debian/{control,postinst}: Recompile GSettings schemas at post installation.Mike Gabriel2017-12-022-0/+41
* Import and adapt packaging from recent-notifications' ppa-indicator branch.Mike Gabriel2017-12-027-0/+244